Welcome to the Erie Lackawanna's Scranton Division in July of 1975! On these pages is a collection of information about the Division -- the physical plant, operations, and paperwork, plus photos, plans, and information about the HO-scale model of the Division that several friends and I are building.

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In 1975 the Scranton Division of the Erie Lackawanna was increasingly busy as the railroad shifted traffic from the Delaware Division. Through freight traffic had increased dramatically and the grueling grades into and out of Scranton, combined with the Poconos as background beautiful scenery, make this an ideal location to model.  Add the Reading interchange at Rupert and other Bloomsburg Branch traffic, and the region becomes fairly busy -- for the era.

On this site I have summarized information gathered about the Scranton Division of the Erie Lackawanna Railroad, and present my rendition of it as an HO scale model railroad.  The era is mid 1975, but I have included some historical information as background.  The information on these pages was obtained from many sources, which are summarized on the Information Sources page.   That page also contains contact information, where known, for the sources.

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